Replace all occurrences in a string in TypeScript

Example of ReplaceAll use

Today we discuss ReplaceAll

We need to remove all occurrences in the string and place instead the different value

Letโ€™s start โณ

Replace all occurrences

Letโ€™s check the solution for Replace and adapt it for ReplaceAll:

Replace, solution

This solution substitutes From for To once:

Letโ€™s do that as many times as required:

ReplaceAll, version 1

But if we call ReplaceAll recursively this way, we will do it incorrectly. Let me give an example:

Not working example for version 1

So instead of calling ReplaceAll for the whole string, letโ€™s do it for the rest of the string, or End:


Thank you for your time! โŒ›๏ธ

The final solution with test cases are available here:

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